An Android-based application that is supported by technology from Samsung devices and is integrated with the power of Google. With this application you can control the sales team’s performance so the results will be more optimal.

Salesman Record

SALES TRACKER will save the entire salesman activity. Such as length of stay, order time and salesman location.

Online Order

Salesman can make online orders to the company.

Automatic Report

All reports will be created automatically. From sales reports to delivery reports.

*well tested at SAMSUNG Galaxy Y (GT-S6310)

This application can be integrated
with other software.

Competitor Data

As businesspeople, it is very important to know the condition of the competitors in the market.

Digital Map

Customer location data will be stored in a digital map.

Dual Mode

SALES TRACKER is already prepared for the conditions online, and offline. When there is no internet signal data will be stored in the device.